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19 Crimes

The men and women on our labels are not those of fiction - they were flesh and blood. Criminals and scholars. In history, they share a bond receiving 'punishment by transportation'. It could have shattered their spirits. It didn't. Today, we toast them and the principles they lived by.  

Beaulieu Vineyard

Established in 1900, Beaulieu Vineyard is one of the most historic Napa Valley wineries, setting the standard for quality and innovation in Napa Valley winemaking. Today, Beaulieu Vineyard holds a unique place in the history of California wineries and is one of the most collected American Cabernets.


No winery more thoroughly embodies the timeless appeal and seductive flavor of Napa Valley than Beringer Vineyards, Napa's benchmark producer since its establishment in 1876. Now in its third century of crafting classic wines from Napa's finest appellations and vineyards, Beringer today is guided by Winemaker Mark Beringer, founder Jacob Beringer's great-great-grandson.

Chateau St. Jean

Chateau St. Jean, with its gracious style, elegant architecture and inviting gardens and tasting rooms, is the quintessential Sonoma winery. The winemaking estate is located at the foot of Sugarloaf Ridge in the Sonoma Valley near Kenwood, California. Founded in 1973, Chateau St. Jean has long been recognized as a leader in Vineyard Designated wines. Winemaker Margo Van Staaveren uses her nearly 30 years of vineyard and winemaking expertise with Chateau St. Jean to highlight the best of each vineyard in the wines.


Inspired by the trailblazing women of the past and created to ignite new paths forward, we raise our glasses of emBRAZEN wine to a future where women revel in doing things on their own terms and in their own way.  


Etude's founding philosophy is that winemaking begins in the vineyard long before the harvest resulting in an authentic expression of the varietal. Etude's celebrated Pinot Noirs and its small production of Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Rosé of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are vinified from grapes grown on its estate while the opulent Cabernet Sauvignon is from vineyards in the major benchland sub-appellations of Napa Valley. The consistent high quality of the grapes Etude grows and sources, combined with the skill and experience of the winemaking team, explains why Etude is recognized as one of America's premier artisan wineries.


The fruitful Tuscan land, Castello di Gabbiano was constructed in the heart of the Chianti Classic region, just south of Florence. Story is told that the Gabbiano Knight, or Caveliere on horseback, protected the Castello di Gabbiano Estate from outside invaders. On the label, the Cavaliere vividly symbolizes the robust charm and tradition of the Chianti region. Today, this 252-acre estate of vineyards and olive groves is equipped with a modern fermentation cellar, yet the wines are still crafted in the rich and ancient Tuscan winemaking tradition by Winemaker Giancarlo Roman.

Hewitt Vineyard

A single vineyard wine from one of Napa Valley’s most renowned sites, we chose to make a single-vineyard wine from Hewitt Vineyard because its fruit has such singular character that it deserves full expression. Rather than blend from other vineyards, we let it sing with its own unique voice.


Penfolds was founded in 1844 by Dr. Christopher Rawson Penfold who emigrated from England to South Australia. In Adelaide, he planted vine cuttings from the south of France that today represent some of the oldest vine material in the world. Penfolds and the Australian wine industry changed dramatically in 1950 with the arrival of Max Schubert who masterminded the creation of Grange and the Bin wines. Today Chief Winemaker Peter Gago is the "Guardian of Grange" and sets the standards for all Penfolds wines.

Provenance Vineyards

Provenance Vineyards prides itself on producing some of the top Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc in Napa Valley. The winery derives its name from the word "Provenance" which is French for "origin" or "source", reflecting the winery’s philosophy, which is that wine should express its provenance.

Stellina di Notte

From the cool climate vineyards of Italy’s northern Veneto region, Stellina di Notte harvests classic Italian grape varietals to create authentic, food-friendly wines for everyday celebrations. The Pinot Grigio and Prosecco are carefully crafted in accordance with Italy’s strict quality standards meeting IGT or DOC requirements.

Sterling Vineyards

Internationally known, Sterling Vineyards is one of the most visited wineries in Napa Valley. Modeled after a Greek monastery, the winery sits 300 feet above the valley floor where visitors take an aerial tram to access the top quality Bordeaux varietals and majestic 360 degree views of Napa Valley.

Stags' Leap Winery

Located at the very heart of the Stags Leap District seven miles north of Napa lies the century-old, 240-acre wine estate known as Stags' Leap. An intimate valley within the greater Napa Valley, little has changed here since 1893, the year the winery was founded by Horace Chase and his wife Minnie Mizner Chase. The property was named "Stags' Leap" after an old legend that speaks of a stag leaping across crags of the palisades to escape hunters. Perhaps it is the power of the land itself that those who have owned the estate have taken it upon themselves to be stewards; committed to maintaining the rich natural heritage of this charmed valley. Today, Stags' Leap Winery continues the tradition of stewardship. The unique terroir and ideal microclimate supports a standard of viticulture, land use, and winemaking that is as relevant today as it was over a century ago.