' Wine Event/Friends & Family - FAQ


For assistance with placing an order, an issue, or a question please send us a message via customer support form.

Treasury Employees: please submit a question via employee support form.

What is The Wine Event? How does it work?

The Wine Event is a several times a year opportunity for employees and their friends and family to purchase wines that are not usually available in our employee stores. In many cases the discounts are greater than our standard employee discounts and shipping is included on orders that meet certain criteria.

How Does it Work?

  1. Registered users are notified via email on the morning the Event begins.
  2. Once the email announcing it is open is received, registered users can visit the website at www.treasurywineevent.com.
  3. All pricing, inventory availability, and product information including tasting notes are available on the site.
  4. Most wines are sold by the case in 6 – 750 ml bottles (as noted on product description), 12 – 750 ml bottles or 12 – 375 ml bottles (sometimes we run sales where you can mix and match to purchase by the bottle). Please check the product description pages to ensure you understand the number of bottles included in your selection. Large format bottles are fulfilled in 6 – 1.5L bottle cases.
  5. All prices include Ground shipping to states that allow direct to consumer shipping (please see our shipping page for a list of available states). There are no pickups at any location.  Please note that a separate shipping charge will be incurred on orders under advertised thresholds.
  6. Wines must be shipped to a location where someone that is at least 21 years old can sign for the shipments.
  7. You will receive both an order confirmation email as well as a shipment confirmation email that includes your tracking numbers. You may also log in to your account on the web site for order updates and shipment tracking numbers.
  8. If you would like to share the Event with any friends and family, you may do so. The "My Account" section has a very simple way to send out invitations via email or to place an invitation on your Facebook account, should you prefer these options.
  9. Once your wines arrive, please enjoy them responsibly.
  10. All sales are final.

What is the retail price of my case? How much money am I saving?

The Event pricing for each product is listed on the web site, as well as the % discount off of retail list price.

The product and price list is not provided to participants in the Treasury Wine Event at any time, please refer to the item listing on the website for all pricing.

Can I re-sell this wine?

No. Wines purchased in The Wine Event may not be resold by employees or friends and family. This is a violation of the Terms and Conditions of the Event, and employees will face disciplinary actions for violating the Terms and Conditions of the Event.

Is there a “day of” Cellar Sale? I love to hunt through wines to find what I want.

Our Employee Store may host Friends and Family events in place of a “day of” Cellar sale. These events are typically hosted a week to two weeks ahead of the Treasury Wine Event.  Please watch your email as that is how we will announce these special sale dates.

Placing an Order

Orders should be placed via the Treasury Wine Event website whenever possible. Customer Service is available if orders cannot be completed on the website for any reason.

What does “Acceptance of your Order mean?”

In order to comply with local laws some orders quarantine at the moment of the online order submission. Before shipment we will either inform you that we cannot fulfill your order, or we will send you an order acknowledgement email. The acknowledgement email confirms acceptance of your order, and details the wines you have ordered. Also, it provides you with a tracking number. If we accept your order, but later discover that we cannot fulfill it, we will contact you to offer an alternative, or the option to cancel for a full refund.

Where we need to take payment from you, we will take payment from your card at the time we receive your order, once we have checked and processed your card details. Wines are subject to availability. In the event that we are unable to supply the wine, we will inform you of this as soon as possible. If you have already paid for the wines, a full refund will be given.

Is The Wine Event available for Canadian shoppers too?

Unfortunately it is for US recipients only, as we are not permitted to export wines to Canada directly.

I don't want a whole case. Can I order 6 bottles?

Although we usually only sell wines by the case, we occasionally offer by the bottle purchasing as well. Case quantities for each wine are specified on the product description for that item. Please check the description for the item you wish to order to ensure you understand the number of bottles included in the case.

Size Bottles in Case
750ml 12 (as noted in description)
750ml 6 (as noted in description)
1.5L 6
375ml 12
Mixed cases as noted in description

Can you hold my order until a future date?

Due to limited space we cannot hold wines nor allow for future ship dates. All orders are shipped within four weeks after they are purchased.

I already placed an order but I want to add something to it, what should I do?

The easiest way to do this and ensure your order is properly processed is to place an entirely new order with your additional items. There is no limit on the number of orders you can place.

Each order will ship in the order it was received by our fulfillment center. We are unable to combine two orders, and cannot ensure both orders will ship at the same time. You will receive separate tracking information for each order placed.

I already placed an order and I want to take something off of it?

Due to the size of this event, order changes, delays in delivery, special delivery requests and order cancellations are not possible.

Can I place more than one order?

Yes. As many as you would like until inventory is depleted.

How can I cancel my order?

Due to the size of this event order cancellations are not possible.

If I don't like the wine, or if something is wrong with a bottle, can I return it?

Sorry, no. All sales are final.


If my family/friends buy do I have to use my credit card?

Absolutely not. Have them enter their own orders on our user-friendly website. However, if you would like to place their orders for them, you may via the website. It is your option.

Can I pay with cash or by check?

No. The only acceptable method of payment is a Credit/Debit card.

Can I pay with my employee product card?

Yes!  Before you place your order please make sure your balance is sufficient enough for your purchase.

What kind of credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

I'm not really comfortable leaving my CC information with people I don't know, can't I just write a check?

We are only able to process orders that are paid by Credit/Debit card.

Can I pay with more than one credit card? Split the order between two or more credit cards?

You may split between cards by placing two separate orders with each card. It is not possible to allocate amounts to multiple cards in a single order.

I have a very large order (over $10,000) for a high dollar amount, which my credit card will not approve. May I pay by purchase order?

No. The only method of payment is by credit/debit card. However, you may split your order among several credit cards if that is more convenient for you by placing several orders, each with a different card. For large purchases, we recommend that you call your credit card company in advance to let them know that you will be making large purchases from the Treasury Wine Event. This will often help for the transaction to be pre-approved.

Is this order taxed? If so, at what tax rate?

Yes, all orders are charged with the local sales tax rate for the address to which it is shipped.

Can I enclose a gift card? Can I enclose a gift message?

Gift cards are not an option for this Event, however, you may include a short message which will appear on the shipping ticket inside the box.


What are the case limitations for each state?

Each brand Treasury Wine Estates owns has direct shipping restrictions; however there are some situations where brands are combined under one permit. Please visit our shipping page for more information.

Can my wine be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes. We can ship wine to those states, with some limitations. See https://www.treasurywineevent.com/shipping for more information.

How long after placing my order will I know if I got the wine I wanted?

You will receive an order confirmation for any order that is completed, and inventory will be reserved for your order immediately.
In some cases your order may be above the quantity limits set by the state into which you are shipping. In these cases our Customer Service team will assist you to get as many of your cases in your order as is legally possible to you. You will only be charged for wines that you are shipped.

Is there a place where I can come in and pick out my wines?

Not during the sale. The wines are only available online or via phone. For those close to Napa, there is a Preview and Tasting at the employee store approximately one week prior to The Wine Event where select wines will be available for tasting and same day purchases.

Can I pick up my order from the warehouse?

No. All orders must be shipped - shipping is included on orders meeting advertised thresholds.

My state won't allow more than x number of cases. How do I order more?

Please visit the contact us page and leave your contact information and a message about ordering your wines. If you place an order, and there is a compliance issue our Customer Service team will reach out to you for resolution.

Can I specify a delivery day of the week, or a delivery time period (1-4 hours)?

No, all orders will ship as complete orders (not partial orders), and once they are loaded onto a truck, we cannot specify delivery times. You will receive a shipment confirmation email when your wines are shipped.

May I place one order and provide multiple shipping addresses?

No, if you would like one order shipped to multiple addresses the order will need to be broken up to reflect the different delivery addresses.

How will my wine be shipped? By what carrier?

All wines are shipped UPS ground method by default except 2-Day Air for AK and HI.

Account and Log In Information

How do I change my temporary password?

To change your password, log in to your account using your temporary password, and select “My Account” in the top of the site navigation. You may change your password, username or both to whatever you like.

I can't log in. It says: "Error. Invalid Username or Password." password recovery does not work.

Please make sure you are using a valid username instead of an email address. You may find it in your password recovery email above the password reset link.

I need to update my contact information.

To change your email address, log into your account and click on My Account in the top of the site navigation and update any listed personal information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number: this should be the best number to reach you if order issues arise
  • Email Address: this should be the email at which you want to receive all Treasury Wine Estate communication

Once the required information has been updated click the Save Changes button to ensure all systems are updated.

Web Site Information

Some products don't have buttons to add it to my cart. What is going on?

There are two reasons why a product's Buy buttons are not visible:

  1. The product is no longer in stock.
  2. The product is not permitted to be shipped to the state you have selected as your destination shipping state. If you wish to ship an item to an address in a different state, select the new state in the left side of the navigation, below the choices for wine categories.


How long will my wine cellar?

This depends on the wine and cellaring conditions.

Can I get tasting notes for my wines?

Tasting notes are available on the website.